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By America’S Test Kitchen The Associated Press

Honey is the glue that keeps these granola bars together

Great granola bars put the flavour of the oats at the forefront while supporting players back them up with a mellow sweetness.

We found that toasting the oats with a little oil and salt before mixing them with the other ingredients really deepened their flavour. Honey provided plenty of stickiness to hold the bars together.

Bell peppers and onions help boost white fish’s taste

A brief stovetop braise is the perfect way to cook delicate white fish like cod, since it keeps the fish moist and silky while creating a sauce at the same time.

To give the mild fillets a boost of flavour, we paired them with a Spanish-style peperonata, a combination of cooked bell peppers and onions, to which we added tomatoes, wine, paprika, and fresh thyme for depth of flavour.

A perfect one-pot meal of eggs cooked in spiced tomato sauce

The classic Tunisian dish shakshuka is a humble yet satisfying one-pot meal, usually consisting of eggs cooked in a long-simmered, spiced tomato and pepper sauce.

We wanted to use this as a template for a version that swapped out the long-cooked red sauce for a fresh, vibrant mix of greens that would be transformed into a quick any-night meal.

Make these toothsome noodles with shreds of tender chicken

Much like a Chinese finger trap that lures by appearing to be a toy, sesame noodles are not what they seem. You may think of them as merely a humble bowl of cold noodles, but don’t be fooled—just one bite and you’re hooked on these toothsome noodles with shreds of tender chicken, all tossed with the fresh sesame sauce.

Go ahead and combine sweet potato to the tang of biscuits

It was only a matter of time before sweet potato-loving Southern cooks combined the fluffy texture and pleasant tang of biscuits with the earthy sweetness of this popular tuber.

To add this potato’s natural sweetness to biscuits without weighing down the dough, we microwaved the sweet potatoes, which eliminated their moisture while concentrating their flavour.