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This delicious pasta and shrimp dish will take you to Venice

Seafood has always been central to Venetian cuisine. The earliest Venetians were skilled fisherman and their diet relied heavily on the bounty found in the city’s lagoon ecosystem.

And while the Veneto may not be as famous for pasta dishes as some other regions, spaghettini con le schie is a Venetian celebration of the uniquely delicious small shrimp found in their waters.

Low oven temperature and cucumber can make swordfish shine

The premise behind the French method of cooking en cocotte (or casserole roasting) is to slow down the cooking process in order to concentrate flavour.

Fish cooked for an extended period of time usually winds up dry, but a combination of low oven temperature, moist-heat environment, and the right cut of fish allows it to remain juicy and tender.

This chicken and couscous dish is a winning weeknight dinner

Bursting with the aromatic flavours of saffron, chorizo and garlic, this chicken and couscous dish is a winning weeknight dinner. When developing this recipe, we started with classic chicken and rice, but found that the rice was not cooking at the same rate as the chicken in the multicooker—we ended up with either stubbornly crunchy rice or egregiously overcooked chicken.

For a creative chicken salad, get inspiration from Morocco

For a creative chicken salad, we were inspired by the flavours of Morocco: apricots, lemon and warm spices.

To give our dressing complex flavour, we reached for garam masala, a traditional spice blend of coriander, cumin, ginger, cinnamon, and black pepper. We also added a little more coriander, honey, and smoked paprika for depth.

Get that sticky rice crispy chew that kids and adults love

While almost everyone is familiar with the classic recipe for Rice Krispies Treats, slight variations on the original abound. We think our recipe gets them just right, with the perfect ratio of marshmallow and butter to cereal for a bar with the sticky chew that kids love and that adults remember fondly.

How to maximize beets’ sweet, earthy flavour without mess

We sought a streamlined stovetop recipe for beets that maximized their sweet, earthy flavour—with minimal mess.

Braising worked perfectly. We partially submerged the beets in just 1 1/4 cups of water so that they partially simmered and partially steamed. Halving the beets cut down our cooking time.