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Kids and adults alike will delight in making ‘zoodles’

A spiralizer turns carrots, beets, and squash into noodles (or “zoodles” when using zucchini). The steps below the recipe work with all these vegetables. For best results, use smaller zucchini, which have thinner skins and fewer seeds. The blade on a spiralizer is very sharp, so make sure to do this with an adult.


Servings: 4

What’s good for lunch, brunch or dinner? This asparagus tart

This beautiful tart takes just minutes to assemble and makes for an impressive brunch dish, appetizer, or even a simple light lunch or dinner.

We experimented with several different crusts, trying a pie shell, a tart shell, and par-baked puff pastry. The buttery, flaky puff pastry was absolutely irresistible, and so easy to prep.

Pair earthy, hearty mushrooms with equally hearty farro

We wanted to pair earthy, hearty mushrooms with equally hearty farro.

To start, we used the pasta method (an abundance of water) to boil our farro, which ensured the grains cooked evenly and required only half an hour.

We then moved on to the mushrooms, sauteing them with shallot and thyme until the moisture evaporated and the mushrooms achieved some browning.

The key to making your raw kale tender is a little massage

We love the earthy flavour of uncooked kale, but the texture of raw kale can be a little tough.

Many recipes call for tossing it with dressing and letting it tenderize in the fridge overnight. This method didn’t deliver the tender leaves we were after, and the long sitting time wasn’t very convenient.