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Hot summer months calls for a mix of pesto and pasta

More light and refreshing than a cream-based sauce or a chunky ragu, pesto makes for an excellent accompaniment to pasta during the hot summer months.

It couldn’t be simpler to make; just process fresh basil, garlic, pine nuts, salty Parmesan cheese, and extra-virgin olive oil together in a food processor.

Basil pesto isn’t just for pasta. Try it on grilled chicken

Basil pesto isn’t just for pasta. We found a way to imbue chicken with basil and garlic that would hold up on the grill.

How did we get enough flavour into the chicken? We used homemade pesto, which tastes stronger and fresher than store-bought. We added the pesto base to separate mixtures for marinating, stuffing, and saucing the chicken.

Next time, don’t buy sandwich bread. Make it at home

The quintessential American sandwich loaf—tall and domed, with a fine, snowy-white crumb and a light brown crust—is a supermarket staple.

Since it’s eaten so often, we wanted to develop a recipe that wasn’t just better than bouncy plastic-wrapped bread, but the best—an impressive loaf that was a worthy base for sandwiches.

Snack attack: Try crumbly, cheesy, buttery spiced crackers

These delicate, crumbly, cheesy, buttery spiced crackers are popular in the South but should be required snacking everywhere.

And while they’re mostly about the cheese, the crackers would have one-note richness without the added pizazz of some back-up spices: sweet, peppery paprika and cayenne.