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Blueberry recipes: Turkey burgers, marinated broccoli salad, smoothie

The beauty of blueberries — both cultivated and wild — is that they can be used in sweet or savoury foods.

“People think of muffins and smoothies, but they can be used in entrees, in salads, in sauces and of course desserts. Even in a barbecue sauce,” says Debbie Etsell, executive director for the British Columbia Blueberry Council.

Good and Cheap’ recipes for crustless quiche, PB&J bars, caramelized bananas

In “Good and Cheap: Eat Well on $4/Day,” author Leanne Brown has created a strategy guide to help people on a limited income stretch their food dollar.

She includes the cost for each recipe, which is meant as a guideline, as prices vary by city and neighbourhood.

For those who know little about cooking, Brown suggests regular practice helps.

Recipe for double melon and pineapple fruit slushies

One of our favourite ways to beat the heat at the end of summer is to turn some of the season’s abundant produce into beautiful, delicious frozen fruit slushies. It’s fun and easy to get creative. Not only can you experiment with different fruits and juices, you also can get fancy (or fanciful) with the glasses and bowls (though clear glass is almost mandatory) you serve them in.


Spending quality time in kitchen with kids a fantastic way to bond and have fun

TORONTO — Winning “MasterChef Junior” was a huge thrill for Logan Guleff. But the 13-year-old is also immensely proud that he’s inspired kids in many countries to cook.

The blond bowtie-wearing cooking sensation won the second season of the U.S. culinary competition series at age 11.