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Wednesday, Apr 15, 2020

I hope that everyone had a great Easter, despite the different times. I know many of you were missing your family and friends.

If you are all safe and healthy those are the most important things. We must be thankful that most of us live where we can get outside and not be around others.

The sun has been great, but it certainly isn't all that warm. I am still wearing my winter gear. At least if you are busy doing inside projects you are not missing out on warm days. This is likely in our benefit to keep you busy at home doing your work, school, baking or cleaning projects. I have heard lots of baking stories and seen lots of posts. I have not got that desperate yet!

We have all our sheep in the barn that are due to lamb. Today is the due date for the older ewes and by next weekend the yearlings are due. We have the barn shut up tight since it cools off so much at night.

On Saturday we vaccinated all our cows, calves and yearlings. It was a big job, but the first round is completed.

In three weeks, we will run them all back in, the calves and yearlings will need a booster round and we will sort everyone out for breeding. We just used our maternity pen so other than the calves we just ran them in one by one. It likely slowed us down a bit, but it was dry, and the cattle listen better than using the crowding tub.

Marlee was concerned that her pet calves wouldn't like her anymore after we ran them in and needled them. They were forgiving and still appreciated some attention. With these cooler nights and plenty of wind the yard is staying decent. I know, the best is yet to come.

On my walks I have been noticing some areas of dead grass that I would sure like to burn. We all inherited that trait from Nanny. Don't worry, I haven't flicked my bick, but it is so tempting. I keep thinking of all the woodticks I would get rid of! Soon it will be green, and it won't be bothering me so much. If Nanny was still here most of these spots would be long burnt.

We are fast approaching to our Spring Cattle Sale. If you have cattle OR plan on working, please get in touch with James! We are not allowed spectators, but you will be able to watch online. We use the DLMS network.

You will need to set up an account but that is simple and fast. If you have troubles get in touch with me. We are planning a work-bee this Saturday. Of course, because of the current situation we won't be working closely together. The most important jobs will be filling hay feeders and getting the water running.

If you have any questions on that please get in touch with James at 271-2005 or Louis at 276-3493.

Stay safe friends!


Kim Jo Bliss - Moo's From The Herd

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