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Letter to the Editor

Letters to the Editor Policies

All newspapers encourage letters to the editor and intend to print the opinions of their readers with as few restrictions as possible. The Fort Frances Times is no exception.

Rules governing letters to the editor in the Fort Frances Times are:

  1. All letters must be signed, and the name of the write will be printed with all letters published.
  2. The writer must submit his/her letter in person and satisfactory identify themselves, or submit a telephone number to be used to verify that the letter was actually written by the person whose name is included on it, delaying publication if necessary to make the verification.
  3. Letter will not be accepted from people outside the local coverage area unless the letters are written on a topic of primarily local interest.
  4. If a letter attacks another individual or group, the Times will allow a response in the same edition.
  5. Letters should not exceed 300 words and may be edited for length and content.

Name change debate


Dear editor,

I am one of the White Seniors who live on Colonization Road West.

I have lived on this road for almost 70 years. I never knew what colonization meant, so I looked it up in the Webster's dictionary. It states it's a colony of people.

Thank you


Dear editor,


We wish to thank Mark Gerber for his 'change of heart' letter last week.

More often than not, we achieve more by 'being the light' than 'promoting a fight' leaves room open for further dialogue and discussion.

Change of heart


Dear editor,

No paper this last week, as far as I know – at least none arrived in our Rural Route Mailbox this Christmas week. I have always appreciated the Christmas story printed on the Editorial page from the Gospel of Luke.