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Council move may halt area services board proposal

Fort Frances council could be putting the brakes on the proposed Rainy River District Area Services Board by insisting on representation by population.

That’s the warning Rainy River Mayor Gord Armstrong, who chairs the working group putting together the proposal, relayed after hearing council here gave the go-ahead to the proposal—but only if certain changes were made.

A brave new world

It wasn’t about buying and selling, or even about trade. It was about making contacts with people on both sides of the border.

And it was a real success for Trish Neilson of Rainy River Preserves, who was attending her first “Northern Networks” trade conference.

Council ups auditorium contribution But seats back to 434

Shortly after passing a resolution not to commit more town dollars to the auditorium project at Westfort, Fort Frances council made a “friendly amendment” to kick in another $300,000 to bring its maximum financial commitment up to $1.8 million.

But with that, the auditorium will house only 434 seats, not the 500 the auditorium committee had pledged another $70,000 to see built.