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Terry Fox Run raises $9,500

It wasn’t the $10,000 goal he was aiming for but local organizer Steve Maki wasn’t complaining after the Terry Fox Run here raised more than $9,500 on Sunday.

About 120 people took part in the event, showing up early to register and eager to begin the run. Maki, a constable with the Fort Frances OPP, said he was quite pleased with the turnout.

Bus issue on track to go to voters

After being plagued by the issue for more than a year, town councillors appear ready to let voters decide whether they are in favour of resurrecting a municipally-run and funded bus service in Fort Frances.

At the request of the Northern Action Group, council passed a resolution Monday night to include the question in conjunction with the municipal election Nov. 10.

Witherspoon to seek third term as mayor

Mayor Glenn Witherspoon will seek a third term in November’s municipal election.

He said yesterday the challenge of the position, and the different results achieved, were what spurred him to file his nomination papers again.

And with the downloading of services by the province starting in January, he felt the challenges in the would be even greater in the term ahead.

Gaming issue coming up fast

To gamble or not to gamble? That is the question.

Town council Monday night unanimously supported asking voters if they were in favour of having a part-time charitable casino located in Fort Frances—as well as if they support VLTs here—as plebiscites held in conjunction with the Nov. 10 municipal election.

Meeting the spiritual challenge

With a world spinning on rapid advances in technology, and within arm’s length of the turn of the century, are the spiritual needs of a fast-paced society changing?

How do parish leaders keep up while remaining true to the diverse doctrines of Christianity? With faith, hope and the attitude that changing times are not only inevitable but challenging.

What does a plebiscite mean?

A plebiscite is a way to measure public sentiment but municipal councils are not legally bound to act on results of such questions tacked on to the municipal election ballots.

Fort Frances Clerk Glenn Treftlin said a “plebiscite”—the questions included on the ballot—usually zeros in on issues council wants to get a feel for on where the public stands.

Coalition looking for danger zones

The Rainy River Valley Safety Coalition will get $25,000 over the next two years to work towards earning a “safe community” designation with the World Health Organization (WHO).

And that could mean up to a 75 percent savings in Workers’ Compensation Board premiums for area businesses that choose to participate in the project.