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Winter and camping a perfect match



Most people may associate camping with summer and mosquitoes, but Fort Frances resident Alana Stewart didn't want to wait.

“I was feeling stir crazy and needed to get out and do something,”she said.

So on December 30, she decided to put her survival skills to the test. She headed out on a 20 minute hike to a secluded spot on a friend's rural property, and set up a winter camp with her dog Gunnar. The temperature the night she went was about -15C, but she stayed warm by breathing in her sleeping bag, and sleeping in her ski pants.

“I wished I'd waited until this week, when it was around 0,” she said.

Using a campfire and outdoor stove, she was able to cook up tacos, and brew herself some coffee in the morning. But the experience was more profound than simple survival.

“I can’t quite explain what being out there does for me, but I know it does something positive for my mind and soul,” she said on Facebook. “The challenge is more mental than physical; pushing myself to my limits and knowing I’ll be ok-is empowering.”

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